Honda Malta

Honda SENSING Features

Keeping you, your passengers and everyone safe on the roads

Cross Traffic Monitor

When reversing, it can detect approaching vehicles from either side and warns you of imminent danger.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Can detect the speed limit by identifying traffic signs, relaying it to you visually on the Driver Information Interface or Head-Up Display

Intelligent Speed Limiter

The maximum speed of the vehicle is determined by the speed limit detected by the Traffic Sign Recognition system.

Collision Mitigation System

Applies the brakes if there’s a possibility of a frontal collision, minimising the severity of any impact.

Auto High-Beam Headlights

Automatically switches from high beam to low beam when an oncoming vehicle, or a vehicle in front of you, is detected.

Road Departure Mitigation

If your car veers off the road it will apply subtle corrections to keep you safe. In certain conditions it will apply the brakes.

Lead Car Departure Notification

Alerts you when the car in front has moved ahead from a standstill.

Low Speed Braking Control

The Low Speed Brake Function warns you of an unseen object before applying the brakes. While Collision Mitigation Throttle Control responds to an obstacle in front of you when pressing the accelerator pedal.

New safety features introduced with Civic e:HEV

The Honda SENSING suite is enhanced with two additional features with our new launch

Traffic Jam Assist

New to the SENSING suite, when you are in heavy traffic and Lane Keeping Assist System is active, the Traffic Jam Assist system will help further by steering to keep the car in lane.

Adaptive Driving Beam

Available in select grades only, Adaptive driving beam automatically adjusts the light distribution of the high beams in order to reduce glare for preceding and oncoming vehicles.